terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012

Música... para os meus ouvidos # 12


U Know Who I Am

Yeah, I've walked through dangers
I've talked to strangers
But they didn't, they didn't understand
When the world seems senseless
It's me and you against them
And I love you 'cause you know who I am

All you dreamers keep dreaming
And let those dreams rise into the light
Go find someone who loves you
To live those dreams through
Don't you go get swallowed by the night

I've walked the stages
I've read the pages
And never, never reached the end
All the world seems senseless
You're here with me against them
And I love you 'cause you know who I am

Deep inside every soul
There's a sadness on the verge of climbing through
Now don't you try and fix it
Why would you do that?
How beautiful when sadness turns to songs

And I'll walk through dangers
I'll dance with strangers
But they will never understand
We'll never be defenseless
We'll win this war against them
Don't you doubt this, yeah I'm sure we can
And who cares if they never understand
And I love you 'cause you know who I am

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